Sportscar-Services Moves Across the River


If you’ve been a long time reader of David Clark’s  “This Week in the Shop”, or have been a regular customer of Westminster Vermont’s own Sportscar-Services, you might have already discovered that your favorite British Car specialty shop has undergone some changes for Spring of 2015!

After nearly 30 years of providing the English car community with exceptional restoration and repair services, owner David Clark of Vermont’s Sports Car Services has chosen to pursue a new chapter in his lifetime of automotive pursuit and has passed the Sportscar Services gauntlet to long-time colleague Gary Gammans, and his staff at G&R Autoworks in Keene, NH.

While David will be retiring from daily duties in the shop, the staff and projects will continue largely unchanged with Butch Howe (David’s highly skilled and knowledgeable English car technician of 12 years) and George Rowbottom (now the active SCS main contact) staying aboard to continue the Sportscar-Services legacy and provide familiar faces to the outfit’s many long-time customers. While we will all miss seeing David each day, the merger of Gary’s and David’s staff allows Sports Car Services to boast nearly 200 years worth of combined experience in servicing and restoring vintage automobiles–allowing Sportscar-Services to be better prepared than ever to tackle any maintenance or restoration job, no matter the size.

We are all quite enthusiastic about being a part of this new chapter of the perhaps the East-Coast’s best British car resource, and look forward to sharing the shop’s daily activities as well as long-term projects through regular updates to this blog!

Sportscar-Services is now located on 55 Victoria Street in Keene, New Hampshire and can be reached by phone at (603) 352-4540, or by email at

Happy Motoring from your new “This Week in the Shop” scribe,

Alastair Dowst


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