1955 MG TF Interior

In the midst of the Sports Car Services shop we have a 1955 red MG TF.  We restored this car from the ground up, it’s basically a brand new car at this point. It has a full engine rebuild, body rebuild, new drivetrain and now new interior.

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Lets take a brief minute or two to discuss the history of the MG and their TF and TF 1500 model. MG was a European car company founded in 1924 by William R. Morris, before getting involved in the motor vehicle industry Morris was a bicycle repair man. He ran MG motors until he was appointed to be Lord of Nuffield, a title he kept for 4 years. The British sports car company continued without Morris and made many more models, one of which is the TF/TF 1500 Midget.  The TF Midget was launched 15 October 1953 and was basically a TD with a facelift and the TD Mark II engine.  In 1954 the engine capacity was increase by 17% and the bore was increased to 72 mm (2.8 in) and compression raised to 8.3:1 giving 63 bhp (47 kW) at 5,000 rpm and a 17% increase in torque.

When we received the TF that we have in our shop we basically started from the ground up and built a whole new car.  As you can see in the slide show above we started with a rolling chassis and from there we added the drivetrain, the body, the engine and then we started on the interior. First thing done with the interior was the wool carpet and the guys did an amazing job. Tight fits and beautifully hemmed edges is what you’ll find on this car and you can thank Albert and Butch.

Next up was the leather on the walls and doors inside the car and the glove boxes. Albert did an amazing job with the leather work. With his intense concentration and his  precise attention to detail, Albert has been a key person in finishing the interior of this TF.  The seats are being sent to the seacoast and Albert will be going with them to assure that the standards of Sports Car Services are kept alive and well.  Thanks again to Abington Spares for providing this perfect interior kit. The quality of their product was immaculate.


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  1. Good evening, Great looking car!! I’m in the midst of helping my father-in-law redo a ’54 MG TF. We are looking for a spare tire carrier for a spoke wheel and are having very little luck. I’m wondering if you might have any contacts that might have any for sale?


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